With the spirits of Innovation, Integration, Intelligence and Insistence, Atop Technologies has been devoted to providing high-quality Frontline Digital Solutions and System Integration Services since 1989. The company's core engineering team came primarily from the prestigious "Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)". Riding on its technology expertise and Internet know-how, the company has been focused on providing a complete set of TCP/IP-based solutions to industries. These solutions included serial-to-Ethernet, Ethernet switches and Wireless devices.
Examples of these TCP/IP products include a highly efficient Shop Floor Control System for the factory automation and a mission-critical Pick-to-Light System for distribution centers.
An ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, the company maintains its technical excellence both in product design and in manufacturing. Its products are well received by well-known companies such as TSMC, Winbond, MXIC, Acer, Wistron, and ASUS. Its excellence has won many honors awarded by the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park's Administration.
Furthermore, The R& D in Atop has also expanded its research and expertise in cloud computing. In year 2011, our team will present a series of new product with hopes that  Atop is not only a company of solid engineer team but also one that is diverse with the ability to provide multidirectional services.