Pick to light system

The traditional picking method is generally to print out the picking list according to the content ordered by the customers, and then hand it to the pickers to find out the items that should be picked from the warehouse one by one according to the content of the picking list. Besides the instructions of the picking list, what of the pickers also need to rely on is the picker’s familiarity with the overall warehouse environment and the memory of the placement of the goods, or the knowledge of the picking attributes of the goods and so on. Based on this traditional process, it is difficult to reduce the picking error rate, the productivity cannot be improved, the training and proficiency of the pickers are required for a long time, the overall operation method lacks flexibility in response to changes in the system capacity, and the related costs derived therefrom are high.


The pick to light system uses a set of electronic equipment installed on the shelf position, controlled by computer and software, and uses LED light and digital displays as auxiliary tools to guide the pickers to correctly, quickly and easily complete the picking jobs. Pick to light system can flexibly control the picking process and monitor the picking status in real time. It can also reduce the picking error rate, increase the productivity, avoid the inconvenience and waste of paper works, and save labor cost. Pick to light system can let pickers enjoy the picking jobs.

Picking strategy

The general picking strategies can be divided into two types: order picking and batch picking. The order picking strategy is based on the content of the customer's order, taking an order as a unit to carry out the picking operation. The batch picking strategy is to consolidate a certain quantity of orders into a batch of orders, and then pick the total amount of items that should be picked based on the batch data. After the picking is completed, then sort the items according to the ordering customer.


Pick-by-Light System


The pick by light system is mainly used to assist when adopting the order picking strategy: the light module installed on the shelf corresponds to a storage item, and the picker only needs to go to the designated location according to the turn ON light. According to the quantity displayed on the light’s display, take the same quantity of goods from the shelf and put into carrier/container corresponding to the customer’s order, and then push the confirmation button to complete the picking operation of the item. Based on this operation flow, the pickers can completely rely on the operation instructions of the light modules to guide them to easily and quickly complete the picking operation of all items for order.

Put-by-Light System

The Put by Light system is mainly used to assist in the secondary sorting when adopting the batch picking strategy. Each light module installed on the shelf corresponds to one customer, and the pickers will scan the item’s barcode, and then according to the instructions of the Light module and displayed quantity, take the same quantity of goods and sort into the carton corresponding to the ordering customer.

Pick and sort system

This operation mode is when adopting batch picking operation. After the total amount of items is picked, then do the sortation to each order immediately relying on the assistance of the light modules’ indication. Such as the picking cart operation or the horizontal carousel.

Horizontal carousel

With pick tags and horizontal carousels, the batch picking operation is carried out, which achieves the most labor-saving and space-saving, high-efficiency picking operation mode.

Picking cart operation

When the pick tags go with picking carts, the computer will display the messages to guide pickers to carry out the batch picking operation. After picking the total amount of a certain item, it will control the pick tag to display the correct classification information of the item to achieve the pick and sort operation.